Globalizing Internet Marketing

e Shopping Home offers consulting services, timely and effective that every company needs to achieve its objectives and marketing goals to take your company or business to the next level.

We specialize in Internet marketing strategies using CPV (cost per view) or PPV (pay per view), CPA (cost per action) in order to potentialize the visualization of your products or services over the internet.

We have over 9 years experience in internet marketing, started creating websites, failing understood that we should strengthen our knowledge in SEO and marketing strategies to get traffic, but returned to fail, we had traffic but anyway we were not able to sell, so we learned to turn that traffic into leads and then customers, has cost us time, money and effort but we have achieved.

We know there are many companies and entrepreneurs who are going through this situation and we want to help to not pass through the same problems.

Our Challenge

Many owners or entrepreneurs among many other reasons want to use websites as a solution to their economic problems due to lack of sales, certainly they aren't wrong but don't know how to take advantage of the digital world in your favor, spend a lot of money creating "beautiful" websites but they don't even know that must get traffic and how to convert that traffic into customers to increase sales.

Nowadays if you don't use strategies and techniques to get traffic and qualified prospects, it is very difficult to stand out in a highly competitive and globalized world.

We must be at the forefront in knowledge of new technologies and marketing strategies that encourage us to achieve specific objectives.

We know how difficult it is for an entrepreneur or a company get prospects and convert them into customers, many of these entrepreneurs are wondering Why we are not selling? if we have a good product or service, the reality is that few take into account advertising and marketing when they start their business.

When they are almost in bankruptcy is when, desperately looking for emergency solutions to rescue the great dream remains of owning their own business.

Our commitment and challenge is to try to help our customers achieve their goals.

Don't wait until it's too late, don't hesitate and contact us, we will help you solve your problem.

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